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Mummified Alien Found in Peru?

A researcher in Peru has come into possession of a strange humanoid figure that some suspect may be the mummified remains of an alien!

Brian Foerster says the 'artifact' was discovered in a cave located in the southern desert of Peru.

In addition to the alien-looking skull, Foerster also received the creature's corresponding body as well.

He hopes to have the material subjected to DNA tests in order to learn more about its composition and, possibly, its origins.

According to Foerster, the cave where the figure was discovered allegedly contains several similar specimens which he is attempting to also examine.

The researcher expressed skepticism that the 'being' could be fake because the people who found it were unlikely to have access to the kinds of specialists who could produce such a fabrication.

That said, news the odd 'mummified alien' comes only a few months after the purported corpse of a mysterious 'winged entity' found in Mexico was revealed to be an elaborate hoax.

With that in mind, it's probably best to temper expectations for this newfound figure since history tells us that it could fall apart under closer scrutiny.

While we wait for further insights into the anomaly, Coast Insiders looking to learn more about other mysterious skulls found in Peru and the work of Brian Foerster can check out his appearance on the 2/11/2014 edition of the program.

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Source: Express

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