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Museum Looks to Crown 'Creepiest Doll'

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By Tim Binnall

In celebration of Halloween, a museum in Minnesota has set out to crown the 'Creepiest Doll' from their collection on unsettling figurines. According to a local media report, the odd contest comes courtesy of the History Center of Olmsted County, which is located in the city of Rochester. For the past week, the museum has been posting pictures of their various vintage dolls on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Declaring that the unnerving figurines are "demanding to be let out of their boxes for some Halloween fun," the museum says that the doll with the most 'likes' on social media will be declared the creepiest doll in Olmsted County. The winner of the dubious honor, as well as the runner-up, will be showcased at the museum on Halloween.

Although the dolls are not necessarily haunted, they are undoubtedly haunting as the passage of time has left the toys, many of which were created over a century ago, looking more than a little worse for wear. Sporting chipped paint, unnerving eyes, lost limbs and, in some cases, actual human hair, the collection of vintage toys is rife with contenders for the title of creepiest. One only wishes that the winner would move on to some kind of state or national competition, because we'd really love to see such a nightmarish showdown of creepy dolls from across the country.


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