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Mutant Fish Concerns SC Residents

Mutant Fish Concerns SC Residents

A monstrous-looking mutant fish caught in a South Carolina lake has residents concerned and authorities baffled.

Images of the deformed fish appeared on social media earlier this week and eventually caught the attention of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

However, officials have found that the fish is rather mysterious in that they have no idea who caught it or where and only have the pictures of the ghastly creature to go by.

The prevalent rumor among South Carolinians is that the unfortunate animal was caught at a popular fishing site known as Lake Cherokee, but even that remains unconfirmed.

As to what may have caused the creature's unsightly condition, residents worry that it could be from chemicals being dumped in the state's waters.

Authorities have turned to the public in the hopes that someone will step forward with more information about the fish, specifically where it was caught so that they can test the water there.

But they're not necessarily expecting to get their hands on the creature as one official mused to the Charlotte Observer, "I can understand someone not wanting to keep this thing. It was not a pretty fish."

Source: Charlotte Observer

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