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Mysterious Bones Linked to Amelia Earhart Again

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The infamous Amelia Earhart mystery is making headlines once again thanks to a new study that appears to shed light on her ultimate fate.

This latest twist in the eight-decade-long saga comes courtesy of a forensic analysis of measurements taken from bones found on the Pacific island of Nikumaroro in 1940.

The somewhat-notorious remains were examined by a doctor upon their initial discovery over 75 years ago and, at that time, determined to be those of a male.

Sadly, the bones were then subsequently lost, leaving researchers with only the doctor's measurements for insight into the nature of the remains.

However, forensic anthropologist Dr. Richard Jantz from the University of Tennessee believes that there is enough information in that data to conclude that the bones did, in fact, belong to Amelia Earhart.

In a peer-reviewed paper published in the journal Forensic Anthropology, Jantz makes the case that the original analysis by the doctor in 1940 was hampered by rudimentary science of the era.

And, by applying modern techniques and a fresh look at the bone measurements, the forensic anthropologist made his remarkable determination surrounding their origin.

If all of this sounds familiar, that's because a similar study of the bone measurements was conducted in late 2016 by a different forensic expert who also argued that the remains came from Earhart.

Considering that the 2016 study also spawned stories which heralded the case as having finally been solved, one would be wise to take this latest news with a grain of salt since we're still talking about the case two years later and probably will be in 2020 as well.

Source: National Geographic


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