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Mysterious Cattle Mutilations Reported in Argentina

Mysterious Cattle Mutilations Reported in Argentina

By Tim Binnall

A farmer in Argentina lost seven cows under mysterious circumstances which appear to be connected to the cattle mutilation phenomenon. According to a report out of the country, the strangeness occurred in the town of Colonia Duran to a resident named Norberto Bieri, who was aghast when he discovered a grisly scene that had seemingly unfolded overnight on his property. And, to those familiar with the cattle mutilation phenomenon, the condition of his downed cows will sound eerily familiar.

Duran described the dead animals as having had their tongues and genitals removed with precise cuts that looked like they had been done with a laser. The flesh around the animals' jaws had also been removed during the mysterious mutilation, yet there was no blood to be found anywhere near the downed cows. Additionally, in another similarity to the infamous phenomenon which has had paranormal researchers and conspiracy theorists guessing for years, scavengers refused to go near the dead animals and their bodies attracted no flies.

The incredibly odd nature in which the animals were killed had spawned considerable speculation throughout the local community. Perhaps the most intriguing rumor going around is that a number of residents claim to have seen unexplained lights, ostensibly along the lines of a UFO, in the area which they believe may have had something to do with what happened to Duran's cows. Others have put forward more fantastic theories including the possibility that the culprit was a chupacabra or even an alien.

For his part, Duran expressed astonishment that experts and authorities cannot seem to explain what happened to his cows, but also had a somewhat more philosophical perspective on the mystery. The beleaguered farmer mused that, regardless what exactly killed his cattle, "the truth is that the animals are dead" and he is left to bear the financial burden of the odd incident. Coast Insiders can learn more about the cattle mutilation phenomenon by checking out 7/22/2018 edition of the program featuring researchers Carl Nally and Dermot Butler. Not a Coast Insider yet? Sign up today.

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