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Mysterious Incident Kills Hundreds of Birds in Utah

An odd incident in a Utah city saw hundreds of dead birds fall from the sky and some are wondering if they could have been killed by a UFO!

The weird event occurred along a street in the city of Draper on Monday and left witnesses mystified.

"They were just falling out of the sky like leaves," one amazed observer told TV station KTSU.

All told, more than 200 starlings were found littering the street and images of the scene caused a stir on social media.

Upon seeing photos of the carnage, people proposed theories ranging from the paranormal, such as ETs, to the prosaic, including lightning.

Other conspiratorial minds have pointed the finger at chemtrails as the cause of the mass bird death, while some concerned individuals have also expressed fear that the event is some kind of Biblical warning.

And an attempt to clear up the mystery by one police official seeming only served to fuel speculation.

After dismissing aliens, a cloaking device and poison, Sergeant Chad Carpenter said that "the birds were just flying along, crashed into the side of a large vehicle, and boom."

This explanation has raised eyebrows among UFO enthusiasts who argue that an alien craft would, indeed, qualify as just such a 'large vehicle.'

Whether a proverbial flying saucer was truly to blame for the death of so many starlings will likely never truly be known.

That said, seventeen of the birds did manage survive whatever it was that killed the rest of their flock, so let's hope that they can somehow find a way to tell their harrowing story and help solve the mystery.

Source: KTSU

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