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Mysterious Minnesota UFO

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(3)A mysterious shiny, white object was spotted in the skies over Minnesota on Thursday, August 19th. Some witnesses suggested the object was a research balloon; however, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Weather Service could not determine what the object was.
Coast listener Jon B. from Minneapolis shares this account:
"This evening I had started to mow the yard and looked up to see this bright object in the sky. It was a clear blue sky, nothing else in the air, not even a cloud.
I first thought it was a planet like Venus or Mars, but it was so bright and just hung in the air. It seemed out of place. I ran and grabbed my video camera and shot about 2 minutes.
The object seemed motionless, but slowly drifted over time. I first noticed it in the north east sky about 1 o'clock. Over the next 2 hours it drifted to the south west and was still visible in the evening sky, but had now turned orange because of the setting sun. It was now close to 9pm and I looked up a few minutes later and it was gone. Probably because of the setting sun.
I still thought it was a balloon or a planet, but it seemed too bright.
Then I heard on the news, Channel 5 was going to mention it on the air. They had better video(1), but still no one knew what it was. They mentioned that the weather service and the FAA did not know anything about it. So maybe, just maybe.
I should have thought something was up when I watched 2 planes do a 180 and turn around about 20 miles out of Minneapolis on my way home around 5:30pm. It was odd to see the contrails of not 1 plane, but 2 in close proximity maybe 5 minutes apart."
watch video(2) (KSTP-TV)
*requires Windows Media Player

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