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Mysterious Murder Stirs MH370 Conspiracy Concerns

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The strange death of a Malaysian diplomat in Madagascar has caused some researchers to wonder if he had been eliminated due to his connection to the disappearance of Flight MH370.

Zahid Raza was murdered last week shortly before he was to come into possession of some new debris from the doomed flight.

One of the diplomat's jobs in Madagascar was to receive such materials and then arrange for them to be sent back to Malaysia.

The tragic turn of events for Raza has led to some independent MH370 investigators to express concerns that he had been killed due to his involvement in the case.

One of those individuals, who discovered the debris and handed it over to officials in Madagascar, is adventurer Blaine Gibson.

He claims that he has received death threats due to his work recovering pieces of the downed plane around the island nation.

Gibson's fears are echoed by another researcher, Dr. Victor Iannello, who also expressed suspicion that Raza was 'eliminated' before he could arrange for the debris to be sent back to his home country.

Due to the diplomat's death, those materials now remain in the custody of authorities in Madagascar and out of the hands of Malaysian officials who ostensibly would be interested in examining the materials.

Considering the mysterious nature with which MH370 vanished, various conspiracy theories surrounding the case have emerged, largely centered around some kind of cover-up regarding the 'true' nature of its disappearance.

Such speculation will no doubt only grow now that the official tasked with recovering debris from the flight was gunned down while sitting in the passenger seat of his car in a manner suggesting something far more nefarious than a simple robbery or revenge killing.

A noticeable lack of response from the Malaysian government to Raza's death has also raised eyebrows among his colleagues looking for answers to the MH370 mystery and who are, no doubt, now looking over their shoulder in case they become targeted next.

Source: News.com.au


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