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Mysterious 'River Monster' Washes Ashore in England

A man walking along Liverpool's River Mersey stumbled upon the bizarre remains of a mysterious creature that experts can't seem to identify.

The nightmarish discovery, made by a window cleaner named Sean Hall, seems to sport fangs as well as black spikes along its back that almost resemble fur.

Apparently not content with merely photographing the dead animal, he displayed a rather jaw-dropping level of inquisitiveness by actually reaching down and touching the beast, which he described as feeling 'slimy.'

Based on the condition of the creature when Hall found it, one local marine biologist observed that the advanced state of decay made identifying the creature via images nearly impossible.

That said, an RPSCA spokesperson responded to inquiries about the 'river monster' with the theory that it was some kind of cetacean, such as a dolphin or a porpoise.

What's your theory on what the weird creature may have been? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Mirror

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