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Mysterious Sirens Trouble Texas City

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By Tim Binnall

Residents of a city in northern Texas are on edge after hearing the worrisome sound of a siren that seemingly has no source. According to a local media report, the unsettling noise was first noticed last week in Wichita Falls and raised concerns because the community has been hit by devastating tornadoes on numerous occasions throughout its history. However, there was no storm in the area when the mysterious siren began blaring, only confused people wondering what was happening.

Witness Jessica Pichardo recalled that "I just heard a really weird noise. My dog kind of tilted her head and walked over to the door. I just kind of looked out ... it was far away at some points and then it sounded like it was closer." The strange incident was largely forgotten until yesterday morning when, once again, the siren started up again and startled residents as they started their day. Atzhiri Acosta was so put off by the troubling sound that she actually phoned the police, but they were equally mystified.

In what must have been a maddening experience, Acosta says that when she asked her friends about the odd sound, "no one had heard it. It was just me, so everyone was making fun of me." Much to her relief, other residents have now come forward with their own accounts of hearing the siren and some quick-thinking individuals even managed to capture the noise on film.

As for where the sounds could be coming from, the predominant theory is that they are emanating from one of the many tornado warning sirens scattered throughout the city. However, workers checked all 53 of the devices and found that they were fully operational and seemingly running fine. Of course, considering the time of year, some residents have offered a spooky explanation for what they have heard. "I watch a lot of horror movies," Pichardo said, "the first thing I was thinking with it being Halloween time was Martial Law or a zombie apocalypse or something like that."

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