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Mystery Fires Plague Malaysian Family

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A family in Malaysia say that their lives are in ruin due to mysterious fires which keep erupting in their home.

The unexplained blazes began occurring last month and seemingly culminated this past week when a whopping five fires started in the home of Zainab Sulaiman.

According to her, they were quickly extinguished with water, but still managed to burn the family's clothes and other items in the house.

The unsettling incidents have proven to be so worrisome for the family that they are afraid to sleep at night for fear that they will fall victim to the fires while they are in bed.

Desperate for some kind of relief from their fiery nightmare, the family even enlisted religious figures from their community for help.

However, their efforts proved fruitless as Sulaiman lamented to the New Straits Times, "the mischievous spirits continue to disturb my family."

To that end, the family blames some kind of paranormal forces for the fires which keep starting in their home, although the specific entities behind the blazes remains a mystery.

Nonetheless, neighbors are now refusing to have any contact with the family, lest they also attract the dark forces causing the fires.

Additionally, Sulaiman says that the family are struggling to find a new place to live as no one will rent to them because they do not want to put their home at risk of being lost to an inferno.

Strangely enough, this is not the family's first time dealing with the bizarre blazes as they allegedly suffered through a similar spate of seemingly spontaneous fires six years ago which also left them in dire straits.

Having rebuilt their lives since then, the resumption of the phenomenon is understandably deeply troubling to the family, who are likely wondering what they did to cause the fires to stop in 2011 so that they can find some kind of respite from the situation.

Source: New Straits Times


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