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'Mystery Fish' Baffle CA School

Teachers and students at a California elementary school were left scratching their heads earlier this week when dozens of dead fish seemingly fell from the sky.

As the kids were exiting Stanford Avenue Elementary in the town of Oroville on Tuesday, they noticed a slew of fish littering the playground and other areas around the school.

Administrators initially thought the weird incident was some sort of prank, however a subsequent investigation by a custodian found that there were also fish strewn atop the roof of the building.

Although no one actually saw the fish fall from the sky, that appears to be the prevalent theory for how they happened to wind up all over the elementary school campus.

Attempts to track down the origins of the fish proved to be fruitless as a nearby hatchery said they hadn't received any deliveries that day.

Additionally, experts who looked at photos of the fish say that they are a type of carp that lives in warm water and, thus, could not have come from the Feather River, which is the closest body of water to the school.

As such, some suspect that the event may have been a case of the rare weather phenomenon where fish are picked up by a storm or funnel cloud and subsequently carried for miles before being dropped.

However, one area meteorologist has expressed doubt over that explanation as there were no indications of any weather patterns that would be account for such a scenario unfolding.

And so, for now, the case of the 'mystery fish' of Oroville, California remains unsolved.

Source: KHSL

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