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Mystery of Nazca Spirals Solved

Mystery of Nazca Spirals Solved

Amidst the iconic Nazca Lines in Peru are a number of strange spiral-shaped holes which have proven to be indecipherable to researchers until now.

The puzzling and remarkably built pits, called 'puquios,' are found throughout the Nazca region, but their purpose eluded investigators for decades.

However, a new study using satellite imagery of the area appears to have unlocked the secret of the puquios.

According to a report by the BBC, it is now believed that the holes were part of a "sophisticated hydraulic system constructed to retrieve water from underground aquifers."

This conclusion is based on the distribution of the puquios throughout the region as well as the ability for civilization to inexplicably flourish in the harsh conditions of the Nazca area.

The researchers behind the new study marveled that the complex system provided water for people throughout the year and required a considerable level of knowledge and social organization.

Unfortunately, the new findings tell us nothing about the legendary Nazca Lines, but perhaps we're still waiting on the right technology that will reveal their secrets as well.

Source: BBC News

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