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Mystery of the Turkish 'Crying Cemetery Girl' Solved

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The case of a mysterious girl spotted crying at a cemetery in Turkey that caused something of a sensation has been solved and, as one might imagine, the tale has a rather sad conclusion. The strange story unfolded earlier this month in the Turkish city of Corum after a seemingly heartbroken young woman dressed all in black appeared at a graveyard on five consecutive nights. Word of the weirdness soon swept through the community and captivated the city to the point that nearly 300 people gathered at the cemetery on the evening that police patrolled the site looking for the girl.

It would seem that this frenzy of activity put an end to the her nightly visits and, in turn, caused the curiosity throughout the city to subside. And, as far as the authorities were concerned, the case was closed in mid-May when they managed to identify the girl and determined that the was nothing nefarious afoot with what had unfolded weeks earlier. Yet, the question of what caused the entire affair to happen remained a mystery until now.

The parents of the young woman in question have come forward to shed some light on the matter. According to their conversation with a Turkish newspaper, the girl suffers from unspecified "psychological problems" which led to an obsession with the cemetery in Corum. Believing that a family member was buried there, the girl began visiting each night in a futile search for their grave, until cemetery workers noticed her at the site and set into motion the furor that swept through the city.

To that end, the family expressed deep dismay over how the community reacted to the story. "They waited for our child with sticks by the cemetery. They held a night watch to catch her," her outraged father said, "everyone was looking for an adventure throughout this situation." Seeing the hysteria from home, he was "horrified" and, no doubt, more than a little concerned for her safety since she was being 'hunted' by hundreds of people. Fortunately, the girl is now getting the help that she needs and the residents of Corum can stop searching and may want to start apologizing.


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