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Mystery Poet's Mockery Drives Village in Tajikistan Mad

Mystery Poet's Mockery Drives Village in Tajikistan Mad

A small village in Tajikistan has become the site of a rather bizarre and biting mystery as someone keeps writing insulting poems about residents on areas throughout the community.

The weird graffiti spree airs artfully-crafted grievances against people as well as businesses in the village of Khojaghalton and are said to be particularly pithy and personal.

One such target of the lyrical lampooning was described as lazy and "watching his life pass by," while another was deemed to be someone "who collects money for different causes every year, but the money always disappears."

The observations are so specific that they have created an powerful sense of paranoia throughout the community as the villagers feel like they are constantly being watched and scrutinized by the mystery poet.

Considering that between 40 and 50 people have become the subject of the various poems to date, one can see how their concern is warranted, since the slightest slip up may land their name in the proverbial 'burn book' next.

In fact, the question of who is behind the poems has so gripped the community that it seems to be all anyone can talk about and one villager has even offered a fairly hefty sum to learn the identity of the writer.

Although he insists it's just to solve the mystery, we're guessing that no amount of money would compel the poet to step forward and face the wrath of the insulted townspeople.

And with police in Khojaghalton now looking into the matter as well, it might be wise for the mystery poet to put away their poison pen and avoid having to eat their own words in the form of a knuckle sandwich.

Source: Radio Free Liberty

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