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Mystifying Orb Filmed in Canada

UFO researchers visiting a sacred site in British Columbia, Canada filmed an enormous orb hovering in the sky and disappearing into a forest.

The remarkable footage was captured by filmmakers Rob Freeman and Marcus McNabb during an expedition to a granite dome known as 'Stawamus Chief' in the BC town of Squamish.

The mountainous location is revered by the indigenous Squamish people who have long believed that there is something special about the site.

This feeling has carried on into contemporary times as numerous witnesses over the years have reported seeing strange lights at the Stawamus Chief.

Having traveled to the location to investigate it for themselves, Freeman and McNabb were rewarded for their perseverance when they managed to film one of these puzzling orbs using a night vision camera.

In the intriguing video, a monstrous glowing ball of light can be seen silently floating across the sky at a rather swift speed before it is obscured by trees as it enters a forest.

"At first we thought it was an airplane," Freeman told the newspaper Squamish Chief, "there was absolutely no sound… then we absolutely knew it was no airplane."

A seasoned skywatcher from the area, Charles Lamoureux, examined the footage and concluded that the light did not come from any obvious source such as a drone, meteor, or satellite.

Indeed, the silent nature of the light as well as how it seemingly flew into the forest with ease leaves one wondering what exactly it may have been.

And while UFO enthusiasts will likely declare it to be an alien craft at the same time that skeptics insist that it is not, an almost equally fantastic possibility is that it is some kind of atmospheric phenomenon that cannot be explained by science yet.

To that end, some observers have suggested it is a phenomenon akin to the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights of North Carolina, while others are left simply scratching their heads in bewilderment over the footage.

Share your theory for what the source of the orb may have been at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Squamish Chief

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