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NASA Announces Exoplanet Discovery Made Via AI

At a press conference held on Thursday, NASA announced that a groundbreaking project using artificial intelligence had successfully located a heretofore undiscovered exoplanet.

The newfound world is particularly significant as it is the eighth planet known to orbit around one specific star which has been dubbed 'Kepler-90.'

This matches the number of planets found in our own solar system and constitutes the most exoplanets found orbiting a single star.

Beyond the historic nature of the discovery may be the way in which it was accomplished, since the method holds tremendous promise for future celestial finds.

A research team from Google developed a form of a sophisticated computer system that was able to siphon through the massive amounts of Kepler data through a 'neural network' that functions similar to a human brain.

The 'machine learning' technique proved to be a success as it subsequently spotted the exoplanet now known as 'Kepler-90i' which had not been noticed by astronomers in their initial examination of the data.

Although the space agency's announcement will no doubt disappoint UFO and ET enthusiasts who expected something more profound to be revealed, there are some tremendous implications from today's news which are worthy of celebrating.

As the application of artificial intelligence to massive data sets improves, so to do the chances of finding the long-sought-after exoplanet that happens to harbor life.

And, should this technology become readily available to independent researchers, perhaps a perusal of the enormous catalogs of UFO reports collected over the years could actually yield something about the phenomenon that has been hiding in plain sight for all this time.

Considering the science fiction-like nature of ETs, it almost makes sense that a similarly-futuristic tool such as AI would be the way to find them.

Source: NASA

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