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NASA Debunks Moon 'Music' Story

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The seemingly amazing story of the Apollo 10 astronauts hearing mysterious moon 'music' appears to have hit a sour note with NASA.

After the tale electrified the Internet over the weekend, the space agency quickly responded by saying that the strange sound described by the astronauts as "outer-space-type music" was merely radio interference.

The explanation is bolstered by an account from Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins, who wrote about hearing the 'music' in his 1974 book Catching the Fire.

According to Collins' book, the Apollo 10 astronauts told NASA about the sounds when they returned to Earth and were assured by radio technicians that the 'music' had a terrestrial origin.

NASA also repudiated claims that transcripts and audio from the mission were only unclassified in 2008, saying that, in fact, such information was freely available back in 1973.

The clarification on the story from the space agency will likely do little to dissuade conspiracy theorists who insist that NASA is covering up information on ETs.

Nonetheless, it's probably safe to say that the fat lady has sung on the moon 'music' mystery.

Source: CBS News


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