National Paranormal Day is Appropriately Odd

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Ghost hunters, UFO enthusiasts, and fans of high strangeness have reason to celebrate as it is National Paranormal Day.

In keeping with the curious subject matter recognized on May 3rd, National Paranormal Day is something of an enigma itself.

The website Days of the Year says that the holiday has been celebrated since 2013, yet there seems to be no record of who created National Paranormal Day nor why they chose this specific date.

The only readily apparent connection to the topic seems to be that May 3rd was the day that Charles Fort, seen by many as the proverbial father of paranormal research, died.

However, as with the origin of UFOs and the nature of Bigfoot, this is, fittingly, pure speculation.

The purpose of the holiday is also up for debate as, aside from simply celebrating the paranormal, some websites say that it is day meant for people to muse about the mysteries of our world, while others suggest that people use the holiday as a reason to freely share their odd experiences.

And, although actually related to May 3rd being the National Day of Prayer, today also just so happens to be the National Day of Reason, meaning that a sense of skepticism even looms over National Paranormal Day.

Meanwhile, befitting a field that has given us Mothman, Yowie, and Reptilians, National Paranormal Day shares May 3rd with some other truly weird genuine and 'holidays' like National Lumpy Rug Day and National Two Different Colored Shoes Day.

While we may not know where National Paranormal Day came from nor why exactly we're celebrating it today, we hope all of the Bigfoot, aliens, and ghosts as well as those who chase them have a wonderful holiday.

Source: Days of the Year / National Day Calendar - Image: C2C Listener Damien Brunk

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