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Nebraska Woman Reports Sasquatch Sighting to State Police

Nebraska Woman Reports Sasquatch Sighting to State Police

Authorities in Nebraska received a rather unusual call over the weekend when a woman phoned state police to report a Bigfoot sighting.

Harriett Mcfeely says that the odd encounter occurred on Saturday evening after her friend, Robin Roberts, had dropped her off at home and then continued driving along Interstate 80.

Shortly thereafter, she received a frantic phone call from Roberts, who told her that she had just seen a Bigfoot standing along the side of the road.

According to Mcfeely, her friend spotted the legendary cryptid lurking beside a fence about twenty feet away from her car and that the Bigfoot appeared to be about eight feet tall.

Since there was no traffic at the time of the sighting, Roberts was allegedly able to get a good look at the creature, which she described as heavy-looking or stocky.

Amazed by what she had been told, Mcfeely took the somewhat unusual step of actually reporting the sighting to police, perhaps hoping that someone would go out and investigate.

Based on a Facebook post from the Nebraska State Patrol, a trooper was, indeed, dispatched to the area, but found no sign of Bigfoot when he reached the mile marker where the creature had been spotted.

Showing a sense of humor about the situation, the department's announcement lamented that, despite attempting to locate the creature in question, "Sasquatch remained elusive."

While the sighting may not have netted Bigfoot nor even any documentation of the encounter, Roberts should probably be thankful to have come out of the incident unscathed, since she could have wound up like the Idaho woman who crashed her car earlier this year after purportedly spotting Sasquatch.

Source: The Grand Island Independent

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