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Nessie 'Disappearance' Causes Concern

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The researcher responsible for compiling Loch Ness Monster reports has expressed concern about the fate of the famed creature because it hasn't been seen in months!

According to Gary Campbell, the last recorded Nessie sighting was on August 21st and, since that time, his Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register has received no further reports.

The ongoing stretch is particularly troubling to Campbell, since the late summer and early autumn of last year should have yielded some reports due to the increased amount of visitors to Loch Ness during warm weather.

The subsequent lack of sightings throughout the winter have brought the drought to eight months and counting, leading Campbell to tell the Daily Mail that "I am very concerned she seems to have gone missing."

A fastidious researcher who aims to only include credible reports in his registry, Campbell lamented that the lack of sightings is all the more maddening since 2016 had been a landmark year for Nessie encounters.

Although Campbell does not speculate on what may have become of Nessie, some suspect that the creature could have actually died!

However one would be wise to wait before writing an obituary for Nessie, since the summer months are right around the corner and that is usually when the creature makes a few appearances for awestruck tourists.

Should the famed sea monster fail to show up this year, then perhaps the rumors of its death may not be so exaggerated after all, but based on its long history of lurking in the loch, we wouldn't bet against Nessie.

Source: Daily Mail


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