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Nessie 'Returns' with New Sighting

After going 'missing' for the last eight months, the legendary Loch Ness Monster has seemingly been spotted once again.

An English woman named Hayley Johnson was visiting the famed vacation destination in Scotland on Monday when she noticed a dark shape emerging from the water.

Puzzled by what she was seeing, Johnson managed to snap a picture of the oddity before it sunk below the surface and vanished from view.

Johnson's sighting is being celebrated by Nessie fans and researchers who had grown concerned that the creature had not been seen since last August.

Gary Campbell of the Loch Ness Monster Sighting Registry told The Sun, "I am relieved and delighted with this sighting - and so will the planet!"

Indeed it would appear that theories suggesting that the lack of sightings indicated the demise of Nessie were premature and that the creature, whatever it may be, is still lurking in Loch Ness.

Let's hope it doesn't take another eight months before the beloved 'sea monster' appears again.

Source: The Sun

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