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Nessie Spotted on Webcam by Viewer in America?

In what has already been a landmark year, another Nessie sighting has been added to the 2017 tally thanks to an eagle-eyed observer in, of all places, America.

Having heard the news of recent creature sightings over the last few weeks, Diana Turner of Michigan tuned in to a Loch Ness webcam in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Scotland's famed cryptid.

Much to her surprise, the virtual Nessie hunter was seemingly successful in her quest when she spotted a strange anomaly appear on the water and linger for about two minutes.

With a boat visible in the background, Turner concluded that the oddity was probably not some kind of vessel and, therefore, may very well have been Nessie itself.

The Official Loch Ness Sightings Register apparently agreed as they have accepted the sighting into their catalog to make it the ninth sighting of the year.

Turner's fortuitous 'encounter' with the creature solidifies 2017 as the best year for sightings so far this century and suggests that the number could be even higher if more people took the time to check out the Loch Ness webcam.

Meanwhile, having already slashed the odds last week when it comes to Nessie being proven real, UK bookmakers may feel compelled to make another adjustment to the betting line following this latest news.

While gambling on the Loch Ness Monster may not be wisest way of spending one's money, if the sightings continue to accumulate at this pace, it could start to look life a surprisingly safe bet.

Source: Mirror

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