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New D.B. Cooper Theory Could Lead to Infamous Skyjacker's Parachute

By Tim Binnall

A D.B. Cooper researcher out of Arizona has put forward a new theory concerning the famed skyjacker that he believes could lead to a breakthrough in the case. Eric Ulis has reportedly spent years studying the infamous 1971 caper which has baffled true crime buffs and law enforcement officials for nearly five decades. Based on his extensive examination of the case, he contends that the FBI miscalculated where Cooper would have landed after parachuting out of the hijacked plane with his ill-gotten riches.

According to Ulis' research, various factors such as wind speed and weather conditions likely led to Cooper touching down at a remote location in Washington state known as Bachelor Island. Intriguingly, the spot is both undeveloped and went unsearched by the FBI in the wake of the skyjacking. With that in mind, Ulis actually journeyed to the island late last month on a cursory visit to determine "how best to conduct a search" of the area and plans to return to the site in the next few weeks to conduct a more complete exploration of the location.

If his calculations are correct, he suggests that there could be some truly tantalizing clues sitting on Bachelor Island waiting to be found: a pair of parachutes procured by Cooper during the caper. "They're still out there," Ulis told an Arizona TV station, "he did not walk out of wherever he landed with those two parachutes." Another element of the island which the researcher thinks is an indication that he is on the right track is that the location is accessible by only one road and that path passes the spot where some of the stolen money was found back in 1980.

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