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New Documents Regarding Pentagon UFO Project Emerge

A pair of intriguing documents concerning the much-discussed Pentagon UFO program have been made public for the first time. Obtained by KLAS investigative reporter and C2C host George Knapp, they contain remarkable new insights on the still-quite-secret Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) which was revealed back in December and has been the talk of the UFO research community throughout the year. These two new documents will no doubt spark another round of discussion as they provide perspectives on the study from both the outside and inside.

To that end, one of the documents consists of a 2009 letter, written by now-retired Senator Harry Reid to the Secretary of Defense, in which he details the aims of the program and urges the DoD to continue supporting it. One hoping to see the infamous acronym 'UFO' will be disappointed to learn that it is not contained in the letter, which largely details what the purpose of the program. However, the missive does contain the thought-provoking statement that the AATIP had made much progress "with the identification of several highly sensitive, unconventional aerospace related findings."

What, exactly, those findings may be is subject to speculation, but the second document may provide some kind of clue as it is a tantalizing list of scientific studies which were conducted under the auspices of the AATIP. Among the fascinating areas of research apparently explored by scientists with the group are 'invisible cloaking,' 'wormholes,' and 'brain-machine interfaces.' Of particular interest to UFO enthusiasts would be studies which looked at how to detect and track 'vehicles at hypersonic velocities' and, in an undeniable nod to ETs, developing an 'improved statistical approach' to the Drake Equation.

All told, the list contains 37 different studies as well as one final project that is mysteriously redacted. That omission will almost certainly lead to many imaginative minds to propose all manner of exotic and possibly extraterrestrial topics hidden under the solitary black line contained in the document. Aside from the question of what the 38th study was, the larger issue at hand is whether the public will ever see the results of these projects. One hopes that the slow release of materials regarding the AATIP so far is an indication that this will be the case as they would be a feast of information for UFO researchers who have longed for the subject to be given a serious scientific examination.

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