New 'Drive-In' Haunted House Experience in Japan

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Need a little horror injected into your life to take your mind off the everyday horror of coronavirus? A Tokyo-based company called Kowagarasetai offers a drive-in haunted house experience, where a cadre of blood drenched zombies maul your car, as you watch from glass-enclosed safety. Yet all the more horrifying because you're trapped in a confined space!

Hitting hard times with a decrease in customers to their haunted house attractions due to COVID-19 fears, producer Kenta Iwana came up with the ingenious "drive-in" solution. With the new format, a scary soundtrack is piped into participants' vehicles, while "a large number of dead people attack your car" (according to a Google translation of their website). The movie-styled backstory involves a "horrible incident" taking place in the garage, wherein honking three times triggers a mini Zombie Apocalypse.

"We will make your car bloody if you wish. You can take a commemorative photo after the event!" the website offers. However, in the small print, they warn that blood cannot be completely wiped off, perhaps necessitating a trip to a (haunted?) car wash.


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