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New 'Mystery' Space Signal Solved

New 'Mystery' Space Signal Solved

Astronomers at the Arecibo observatory believe they have found the source of an enigmatic space signal which spawned headlines earlier in the week.

Following news that a puzzling series of pulses had been detected seemingly coming from a nearby star, many hopeful UFO enthusiasts entertained the notion that this could be a long-awaited breakthrough in the search for ETs.

However, as predicted by the researchers who initially announced the find, it would appear that aliens are not the cause of the odd signal.

Subsequent observations of the star have led astronomers to conclude that the signal likely came from "transmissions from one or more geostationary satellites."

Their explanation for this is that the star thought to be the source of the signal happens to be near the celestial equator where such satellites can be found.

Nonetheless, astronomers studying the signal have given it the name 'Weird!' as a tribute to the famed 'Wow!' signal which has vexed scientists for nearly 40 years.

Considering that the mystery seems to have been solved rather easily and that its source is rather mundane, perhaps a more fitting name for the signal would be 'Meh.'

Source: PhysOrg

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