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New Ripper Clue Uncovered?

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A researcher who made headlines in 2002 when she argued that a renowned artist had been Jack the Ripper is even more convinced about her conclusions today thanks to an intriguing scientific study.

True crime author Patricia Cornwall generated a considerable amount of controversy over a decade ago when she proposed that artist Walter Sickert had been the notorious serial killer.

Art experts decried the claim and the always-combustible Ripper research community also cried foul about the sensational suspect.

Nonetheless, Cornwall has been steadfast in her findings and continued to doggedly pursue Sickert like a time traveling detective.

Now the author says that she had a powerful new piece of evidence that may solve the case in the eyes of many.

According to a forthcoming book by Cornwall, forensic analysis was conducted on the paper from both letters written by Sickert as well as the infamous missives penned by the Ripper.

The study allegedly determined that all of the paper came from the same source which had originally only consisted of 24 sheets!

While these results would appear to be a strong indication that, indeed, Sickert was the guilty party, the long and contentious history of Ripperology suggests that Cornwall's latest work will be subject to a considerable amount of scrutiny and second guessing from researchers.

Nonetheless, her use of scientific techniques to unearth new avenues and clues surrounding the Ripper is to be commended since it may be the only way to truly uncover fresh clues to the vexing mystery.

Coast Insiders can also delve deeper into the Jack the Ripper mystery by checking out the 9/15/2005 edition of the program featuring retired British Police Detective Trevor Marriott.

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Source: Daily Mail


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