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New Room 'Found' at Winchester Mystery House

The proprietors of the infamous Winchester Mystery House have announced the discovery of a new room at the notoriously bizarre home.

The San Jose mansion is legendary in esoteric circles for its complex design said to have been caused by owner Sarah Winchester's concerns that she was being tormented by ghosts.

With its almost artistic architecture and supernatural lore, it should come as no surprise that the site has become an enormous tourist attraction and pop culture icon of sorts.

And now with Halloween right around the corner, a heretofore unexplored room in the attic of the home has been conveniently found.

The space, they say, was boarded over by Sarah Winchester following the 1906 earthquake which she believed had a supernatural cause.

Contained within the room were a sewing machine, a dress form, and a number of other items used by Winchester during that era.

Visitors to the house can peruse the objects as part of a special display, although not in the original room in which they were found.

This has drawn the ire of some who suspect that the 'discovery' is more of a marketing ploy rather than any kind of breakthrough find.

Nonetheless, the 'Sarah's Attic' exhibit should prove to be a fascinating look at a veritable time capsule from 110 years ago.

And, who knows, maybe the act of opening the room will inspire the former owner of the home to make a visit from the 'other side.'

Source: SFist

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