New Study Confirming Hitler's Death Debunks Conspiracy Theories

A remarkable new examination of Adolf Hitler's remains appears to confirm that he died as the historical record depicts: via suicide in 1945. The findings, published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, upend the claims of conspiracy theorists who have long argued that the notorious Nazi leader secretly escaped Germany at the end of World War II. According to the French scientists behind the study, their conclusion was derived thanks to an almost unprecedented level of access to evidence possessed by the Russian government.

Specifically, a piece of skull and a set of teeth, believed to be the last remaining bits of Hitler's body, were handed over to the researchers for an unfettered analysis of the materials. Amazingly, this is said to have been the first independent scientific study of the remains since 1946. And, despite the long period which has passed since then, it seems that the story of Hitler's demise as it has been depicted in high school textbooks and countless cable TV documentaries over the years has been correct all along.

Among a number of evidentiary points cited in the study, two stand out as particularly striking. The first is that researchers were able to match the tightly-held set of teeth with the Fuhrer's rather unique dental records. Additionally, a comparison of the skull fragment aligned with x-rays of the Nazi leader's head in the year prior to this death. Upon the publication of the paper, one of the scientists behind the study triumphantly declared to the AFP that "there is no possible doubt. Our study proves that Hitler died in 1945."

As one can imagine, the study is being celebrated by historians who have decried the various 'death hoax' conspiracy theories that have emerged and evolved over the last seven decades since Hitler's body was found in a Berlin bunker by Russian forces as they overtook the city. That said, one would imagine that the paper is also being looked at with a suspicious eye by those who doubt the official version of events and, no doubt, see the study as yet another attempt to smother the 'true' story of the Nazi leader's fate, whether it was set in Argentina or Antarctica.

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