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Newest Planet X Doomsday Prediction Points to April 23rd

Newest Planet X Doomsday Prediction Points to April 23rd

In what appears to be the most prominent doomsday prediction so far this year, a frequent 'end of the world' forecaster now says that the proverbial big day will be April 23rd.

Astronomer and author David Meade has issued the ominous warning which, he explains, is based on what he believes is a matching alignment of celestial bodies on that date to a description found in the Book of Revelation.

The Biblical passage details how this configuration in space will serve as a sign that the End Times have begun, starting with the Rapture and ultimately leading to Armageddon and the Second Coming.

Meade posits that a key factor in this scenario is the notorious Niburu, or Planet X, which he says is on a collision course with the Earth.

But, as one can likely surmise, astronomers say that a massive rogue planet would almost certainly have been seen by now if it were headed our way, especially if it were due to strike the Earth in a little over a week.

Conspiracy theorists, of course, argue that the very existence of Niburu has been covered up by the 'powers that be' because of its planet-destroying potential.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Meade has made headlines with his warnings of impending doom as his prediction of a September 23rd start to the apocalypse became something of a 'cause celebre' in the mainstream media last summer.

A subsequent 'clarification' that the date was actually supposed to be October 23rd sadly only served to further hurt his credibility when, once again, nothing disastrous happened.

One can only hope that the third time is not the charm and that Meade, along with the rest of us, will live to see April 24th.

Source: Space.com

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