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NFL Kicker Enlists Psychic for Help

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In a testament to the superstitious nature of sports, the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's kicker recently revealed to reporters that he has been consulting with a psychic to improve his game.

Having returned to the team following a rash of injuries and a brief stints with another organization, Patrick Murray explained that this time in Tampa Bay may prove to be a success thanks to his work with a medium.

"There are things she has mentioned that I have told nobody and there are things that she said would happen that have happened," he marveled to the Tampa Bay Times.

Aside from the obvious aspect of possibly knowing ahead of time whether or not his kicks will be good, how the psychic helps Murray seems to be more a matter of the mind rather than by way of anything supernatural.

"Maybe it's just getting me to talk has helped me," he mused, "getting stuff off my chest and being able to really kind of feel that positive energy."

Unfortunately, the beat writers did not press Murray for any specific insights into the psychic's soothsaying skills or predictions for events yet to unfold, so one will have to take the kicker at his word that she is a genuine medium.

Nonetheless, fans in Tampa Bay may see his surprising consultation as a potential blessing, since a litany of injuries to previous kickers on the team have given rise to rumors of some kind of curse hanging over the position.

With that in mind, Murray may have stumbled upon the only person who can truly eradicate such a hex: a psychic medium.

Source: Tampa Bay Times


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