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Nibiru, Now or in 2012?

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Tonight's guest, Marshall Masters has studied a variety of data to conclude that Nibiru (an hypothesized additional planet on a long period orbit) does pass close enough to Earth to create havoc. In an article(1) on his website, he suggests a flyby is more likely to occur around 2012 than this year. This would correlate the event with the end of the Mayan calendar.

Masters believes the most solid indications for Nibiru's presence are "precursor events" in our solar system. He lists such changes as Pluto undergoing global warming, increases in magnetic activity on Saturn and volcanic eruptions on Io, as all potentially having the same root cause. However he writes, "the fact is that if Nibiru were going to be here, an object this massive would have already been in the news for months...Sure, the government can make people, information and things disappear, but not entire planets."

Meanwhile Nancy Lieder, the alien contactee, who has been predicting the arrival of Planet X in this time frame, has finally named the date of the pole shift that will be caused by the rogue body, and it's...today! As she explains in an update(2) on her website, "rotation stoppage happens when the Atlantic Rift is fixed facing the approaching Planet X, we know that the end point of the time line should be May 27th." On another page(3) she correlates the recent series of unusual quakes as evidence of this process. At the hour of this writing, we're still here....


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