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Doug Yurchey writes:
These 13 special locations forming a grid could be the purpose for the humanrace or the reason we humans were first seeded on this planet! This wasAtlantis, 13 colonies or powerhouses, one main transceiver in the AtlanticOcean and 12 sub-stations. After the collapse, each Cradle of Civilizationbecame isolated and developed independently. Over time the stations wererebuilt, but each age was not as great as the previous age. Eachtransceiver was itself the center of a grid system where the planetary EMenergy was received, broadcasted to the sub-sub stations in the same way asour main power lines step down electrical energy to smaller power stations.Tesla is the answer! The ancient sites essentially functioned as Teslatowers. Read 'Atlantis Power Grid' at yurchey.com(1).

1. http://www.yurchey.com

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