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'Not Haunted' House for Sale in TX

A Texas realtor's attempt at generating some interest in one of the houses in his portfolio succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, but not everyone is thrilled with the attention.

Looking to get the somewhat pricey piece of property in the city of Manvel noticed among the throng of homes for sale in the area, Ellis Young added a reassuring touch to the signage in the front yard.

Beneath the typical realtor details usually found on such markers is an additional message that says 'Not Haunted.'

The rather simple addition proved to be pretty ingenious as there was soon a buzz surrounding the 'not haunted' house and local media began asking questions about the weird listing.

While the signage has largely drawn chuckles from those who hear about it, there are others who do not quite get the joke and, unfortunately for Ellis, they just so happen to live next door.

Proving the old adage that 'everyone's a critic,' neighbor Chris Fems mused to TV station KTRK that "it would make sense if it was a joke during Halloween, October time frame, but here we are in the spring."

It would appear that Fems was not alone in his comedy critique as Ellis says that he eventually felt compelled to remove the 'Not Haunted' sign after other neighbors also complained.

Fortunately, the realtor found a different message to include on the sign and it's one that will work for all season: 'Gluten Free Home.'

Coast Insiders can learn more about the very real world of 'haunted real estate listings' by checking out the 2/21/2018 edition of the program featuring 'psychic lawyer' Mark Anthony.

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Source: KTRK


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