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Notorious 'Demonic' House Gets Demolished

Notorious 'Demonic' House Gets Demolished

A home in Gary, Indiana that made headlines for allegedly being fraught with demonic activity has been demolished.

The property rose to paranormal prominence in 2014 when the Indy Star wrote an exhaustive investigative piece on previous owner Latoya Ammons, who claimed that she and her three children had become tormented by evil spirits residing there.

Her story was bolstered by a wealth of official documentation from police, state care workers, and even clergy members who had experienced strange events when they investigated the case.

One particularly compelling incident featured one of Ammons' children literally walking up a wall while possessed, much to the astonishment of a state official, a nurse, and a doctor who witnessed the feat.

A police visit to the home produced a chilling audio recording of a demonic voice and unsettling shapes appearing in photographs taken by authorities.

The investigation was fraught with so many strange incidents that even Gary police Capt. Charles Austin unequivocally stated to the Indy Star, "I'm a believer."

News of the demonic possession documented by police and state officials created a firestorm of interest in the house and the Ammons were visited by a plethora of media outlets and paranormal investigators.

Over time, the demonic activity seemed to subside and the Ammons sold the home to Zak Bagans of the television program Ghost Adventures.

Perhaps hoping to rid the home of evil once and for all, Baggins had the property demolished as part of a documentary he is making about the Ammons story.

Source: Indy Star

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