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Oak Island Tour Group Hit by Ticket Scam

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An organization that provides tours of Canada's famed Oak Island says that a savvy miscreant has profited off the popularity of the location by selling fraudulent tickets to their events. Thanks in large part to the hit television series The Curse of Oak Island, the site has become a hot tourist destination in recent years with thousands of visitors flocking to the spot where some believe a long-lost buried treasure is hidden. Overseeing the location is a non-profit group known as the Friends of Oak Island Society, who have provided limited access to the otherwise-off-limits site by way of small tours every summer since 2010.

The set-up was seemingly going swimmingly until recently when the group reportedly discovered that fake tickets to this year's tours were being sold online by some nefarious individual who had set up a bogus website. And, in a layer of intrigue worthy of the weirdness that has long surrounded Oak Island, the organization lamented on Facebook that "it appears that the perpetrator is someone we have known and trusted for many years." Although the group does not point the finger at any particular individual, they assured their followers online that this person is no longer associated with the organization.

Lest one think that this is merely an internecine skirmish embroiling the Friends of Oak Island Society, the organization rightfully considers the scam a criminal matter and have enlisted local authorities to investigate the situation. In the meantime, the group says that they will the honor tickets that were purchased from the fake website, which has since been taken down. It's doubtful that this drama will find its way to the television program next season, but, considering that it will be the 7th installment of the series and they may be searching for storylines as much as treasure, anything's possible.

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