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Occult Calls Plague Malaysian Cops

Occult Calls Plague Malaysian Cops

Authorities in Malaysia say that calls concerning magic spells, mediums, and other occult matters are overwhelming police.

A whopping 1,172 complaints against mediums were reportedly made to law enforcement in 2017 alone and an additional 1,320 incidents of theft by way of hypnotism were also reported last year.

In most cases, the victims of these odd capers sought help from purported mediums to cure illnesses or remove hexes which they believed had been cast on them.

Others turned to the self-styled psychics in the hopes of acquiring money through black magic, but wound up on the financial losing end of the exchange after buying 'blessed' objects that ultimately bore no riches.

Making these incidents particularly heartbreaking is that it is often the elderly in Malaysia who find themselves being tricked by the miscreant 'mediums' with promises of a quick fix for whatever ails them.

Aside from seniors falling prey to the ne'er-do-wells, there is another aspect of the black magic madness which gives the ancient superstitions a more modern twist as younger people have begun filing complaints about being hexed online.

While some may curse the addictive nature of social media, these individuals contend that they are literally jinxed after, presumably, running afoul of a medium on the internet.

Unfortunately, in almost all cases, cops cannot do much to help the victims of black magic in Malaysia as transactions are generally made in cash and, thus, there is little evidence of wrongdoing available to police.

If there is a silver lining to the increase in calls it may be that Malaysians are so fed up with these schemes that they no longer fear a magical reprisal from mediums for reporting them to the cops.

Perhaps the next step for Malaysian police might be to take a page from authorities in India and form their own teams of 'sorcery stoppers' to help combat these black magic-related crimes.

Source: South China Morning Post

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