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Occult-Obsessed Student Vanishes

Authorities in Brazil are baffled by the bizarre disappearance of a college student obsessed with the occult and aliens.

Bruno Borges went missing late last month from the town of Rio Branco, leaving behind a jaw-dropping bedroom and many unanswered questions, including where he is today.

Footage of the twenty-five-year old man's bedroom is simply breathtaking as Borges covered the walls with coded text and odd diagrams.

Additionally, the room also sports a quite large and rather creepy statue of Giordano Bruno, a 16th century philosopher and theorist who expounded upon the possibilities of space, including exoplanets, and was burned at the stake largely because of it.

While that Bruno is indeed a fascinating character, his contemporary namesake of sorts clearly boasts quite the story as well.

Inspired by the famed philosopher, Borges reportedly told family members and friends that he was working on a series of books that would transform the world.

These books, also written in code, were left behind by Borges when he vanished, bound and arranged in an unsettling manner reminiscent of the Heaven's Gate cult.

The contents of Borges' proverbial masterwork has purportedly been decoded by a computer expert in Brazil, but the writings have yet to be revealed aside from a few vague sentences.

According to his sister, the young man had locked himself in his room for 24 straight days working on what he called his 'project.'

Shortly thereafter, he simply vanished without a trace.

As one can expect, the case has created a firestorm of speculation over what became of Borges and if it was related to his work.

Skeptical observers have suggested that his entire 'project' was the result of a mental breakdown which culminated with his the subsequent disappearance.

Others have wondered if perhaps Borges' research led him to some kind of occult breakthrough that allowed him to contact aliens in a manner which, we can only hope, can be found in his writings.

Whether they will ever see the light of day likely depends on the Brazilian authorities or Borges, should he found.

Until then, one can only wonder about what the young man had spent so much time and effort creating and where he went when he was done.

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Source: Daily Star


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