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Odd Activity Observed at Area 51

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Aviation enthusiasts with an eye on Area 51 have spotted strange developments at the base which suggest that a new kind of secret project may be underway.

The appearance of a heretofore-unseen runway and a massive hangar, revealed via satellite images, as well as reports of unusual aerial activity over the base have piqued Area 51 researchers in recent days.

Specifically, witnesses have reported seeing F-117 stealth fighters being followed by F-16 jets that appear to be using a form of infrared sensor.

Additionally, at the base itself, the newly-discovered hangar looks to be far bigger than what would be needed for aircraft currently being used by the air force today.

To those who follow the weapons industry, it is theorized that these curious observations provide a glimpse into the development of a forthcoming Air Force fighter known as the B-21 Raider.

The presence of infrared sensors in the aerial exercise is believed to be a clue that the B-21 will possess some kind of additional form of stealth beyond that of its predecessors.

And the noteworthy size of the hangar gives aviation experts some general idea about the dimensions of the aircraft in comparison to others in the American arsenal.

Although work on an exotic new aircraft may not thrill UFO fans, the recent insights should at least give them comfort in knowing that, if ET craft are flying at Area 51, there are outsiders who will spot it.

Source: Popular Mechanics


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