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Odd 'Ball' Spotted on Mars

Odd 'Ball' Spotted on Mars

Anomaly hunters studying images from Mars believe they have spotted yet another out-of-place item in the form of an eye-catching ball of some kind on the surface of the Red Planet.

Noticed in a photo taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover, the odd grey object looks remarkably smooth and spherical, standing out among the jagged rocks around it.

It is believed that the ball is around the same size as a softball or, as some imaginative observers have noted, a cannonball.

This particular perspective argues that the anomaly is further evidence that there was some kind of battle on the Red Planet prior to a collapse of the Martian civilization.

One conspiracy theorist went so far as to suggest that it was an indication that Mars was once pelted with artificial meteors, presumably by an hostile ET race, in an effort to strip the planet of its atmosphere.

However, that is merely one possible interpretation as the 'ball' serves as something of a Martian Rorschach test, allowing viewers to put their own spin on its origin and purpose.

Some may see a more whimsical side to the anomaly, believing that it was, perhaps, the centerpiece of an exotic Martian game played long ago.

Others might propose a utilitarian take on the object, positing that it's possibly a form of food eaten by the advanced denizens of the Red Planet akin to our astronaut ice cream.

Skeptics, of course, say that it is simply a rock which took on the ball-like shape via the geological process known as 'concretion.'

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Source: Daily Mail

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