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Odd Cell Phone Habit Causes Temporary Blindness

Odd Cell Phone Habit Causes Temporary Blindness

A pair of women in the UK appear to have made dubious medical history as their temporary blindness was determined to be a previously unseen condition caused by cell phones!

After a myriad of medical tests were done on the women to decipher why they were suffering from bouts of blindness, an eye specialist was finally able to solve the mystery.

An initial interview with the patients revealed that they both had the habit of reading their cell phones while lying in bed with one eye obscured by a pillow.

The drastic difference the light from the cell phone screen and the darkness caused by the pillow was causing their eyes to become out of synch.

As a result, the women were unable to see out of their 'cell phone eye' for up to fifteen minutes until their sight became more balanced.

The strange condition has been given the name 'transient smartphone blindness,' which sounds much more ominous than the circumstances which cause it.

On that note, one of the doctors who treated the women attempted to recreate the phenomenon on his own, but found it too difficult to adopt the odd habit of looking at his phone with only one eye.

We're guessing that once news of the weird visual 'hack' becomes more well known, more than a few thrill seeking teenagers and other curious individuals will try and replicate it themselves.

Coast Insiders looking to learn about the more potentially insidious effects of cell phones can check out researcher William Thomas' 1/13/2015 appearance on the program.

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Source: The Guardian

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