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Odd Cloud Ring Spotted Over China

A puzzling piece of footage from China shows an eerie circular cloud floating in the sky over a village.

The orange-tinged oddity was spotted late last week in the Jiangxi Province of China and footage of the event has generated considerable interest on social media in the country.

According to witnesses, the weird formation lingered in the air for around ten minutes before slowly dissipating.

As one can imagine, the wispy wonder has spawned speculation that it could have been some kind of UFO, but a more likely scenario is either a meteorological phenomenon.

Others have opined that perhaps the strange ring was caused by pyrotechnics in the area as has been seen in the past with black, smoke-like rings which has appeared in the sky at other locations.

Nonetheless, since no one is quite certain what may have been the source for this particular cloud, feel free to let your imagination run wild.

To that end, let us know your theory for what created the cloud at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail


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