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Odd 'Dinosaur' Body Found in India

An electrician cleaning out an old substation in India discovered the remains of a mysterious creature that bears a striking resemblance to a small dinosaur.

The weird corpse, which measures around 11 inches long and was found in the city of Jaspur, may have been at the location for a very long time as no one had entered the site for over thirty-five years.

A local wildlife official who initially examined the creature marveled at its uncanny appearance and admitted that he is not quite sure what it might have been.

That said, noting that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago, he was highly skeptical that the remains were that of an ancient thunder lizard, especially since there appears to still be some flesh on its bones.

Nonetheless, the official shipped the body to a prominent paleontologist in India with the hopes that he can help identify the remains or determine the age of the creature.

While it's possible that the dinosaur doctor will be amazed by the corpse's remarkable appearance, there's also a good chance that he'll wind up opening the box and wonder why someone sent him a dead cat.

Source: Daily Mail


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