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Odd 'Mystery Creature' Attacks Dog

A bizarre piece of footage that appeared online this week shows a monstrous-looking creature of some kind lunging at a man's dog. The video was purportedly recorded back in 2015, but only popped up on YouTube yesterday. Little is known about the nature of the footage, only that it was allegedly shot somewhere in the United States. Who filmed the video and where, specifically, it took place remain a mystery.

Despite the lack of clarity surrounding the origin of the footage, what is shows is pretty remarkable. In the video, a dog can be heard barking in the background as the camera focuses on a dark mass among some trees. Suddenly, the anomaly springs up from the ground and is revealed to be an enormous animal. And, making matters all the more unsettling, the creature is headed straight for the dog that disturbed it.

The two animals briefly keep their distance from each other until the encounter culminates with a confrontation. Fortunately, that moment is not featured on the video, so those worried about seeing such a scene can rest easy. That said, the man's shouting and the dog's yelping seem to suggest that things did not go well for his pet when it met the beast.

As to what the creature could have been, there are a few schools of thought on that matter. Much like the weird wolf killed in Montana last month, some imaginative observers have theorized that the animal is either a dog-man or a not-quite-extinct dire wolf. More skeptical viewers argue that it is simply a normal, albeit incredibly large, wolf. And a handful of people have actually proposed that the mystery beast might actually be a pony! Can you identify the odd creature? Share your best guess at the C2C Facebook page.

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