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Odd Mystery Grips French Village

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A small village in France has found itself at the center of a truly strange mystery as someone keeps stringing lines of laundry, specifically underpants, across town.

The weirdness began a couple of weeks ago when residents of Poligny first noticed the baffling display in the market square and likely passed it off as some kind of prank.

However, since that time, the tiny town of 4,000 people has been visited by the proverbial underpants phantom on several occasions, leading to the realization that this is a deliberate campaign.

And, because everyone loves a good riddle, the case of the Poligny underpants has subsequently captivated the country with French citizens from all around offering theories on what might be happening in the village.

As of now, the prevalent theory seems to be that the displays are an act of protest involving what is ostensibly seen by the culprit as improper decisions surrounding a forest in the village.

This hypothesis appears to be based largely on the fact that there isn't not much else happening in Poligny that could raise someone's ire enough to start stringing underpants up across town.

Should that speculation be correct, the person behind the underpants may wish to step forward and put words to their concerns, since town officials actually see the antics as a blessing rather than a curse.

"We're the talk of the country now," gushed one local politician marveling at the diminutive town's fifteen minutes of fame.

Source: thelocal.fr


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