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Odd Object Photographed on Mars

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An image taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover has once again drawn the attention of anomaly hunters who have spotted a strange object sitting on the surface of the Red Planet.

The puzzling picture was taken by the rover back in March but only recently caught the attention of curious researchers.

Appearing rather artificial and seemingly reflecting sunlight at various parts, the oddity spawned the usual speculation that the rover inadvertently captured evidence for an alien presence on Mars.

Specifically, based on the general shape of the object, some have surmised that the anomaly is an ET craft.

However, skeptics have offered an explanation for what the object might be and it could actually have an Earthly origin.

To that end, the prevailing theory is that the anomaly is simply a piece of the rover which was discarded by the craft as it landed on the planet.

The rather convenient answer seems to line up with where the rover was located when the image was taken as there would have been such debris in the area.

And so, in this instance, the always-vexing question of 'ours or theirs' that has plagued UFO research for years has moved to the Red Planet.

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Source: Daily Mail


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