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Odd Orbs Spotted Near San Diego

By Tim Binnall

A family in San Diego found themselves watching the sky in wonder after spotting a pair of puzzling orbs which seemed to be hovering in the air. The strange scene, captured on film by Chris Wilson, was posted to YouTube a few weeks ago and recently captured the attention of UFO enthusiasts online. According to Wilson, the sighting occurred in La Mesa, California as he was watching the sunset.

In the video, a ball of light can be seen descending from the sky before stopping in mid-air. Shortly thereafter, much to Wilson's amazement, a second orb suddenly appears nearby seemingly out of nowhere. After a couple of minutes, the two anomalies appear to drift downward before disappearing out of sight. During the entire incident, Wilson can be heard discussing the oddities with the people around him and speculating on what they might be, which appears to indicate that this is a genuine sighting and not some kind of prank or a misidentification of a reflection on his phone.

As far as what the orbs could have been, aside from ET craft, one distinct possibility is that they are flares that were being used in some kind of military exercise. Such was the case back in late August when residents in the area also reported similar strange lights in the sky which were subsequently explained by authorities. Failing that, another theory put forward by one of the observers on the scene with Wilson is that they could be drones. What's your take on the footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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