Odd 'Sheet Metal' Spotted on Mars

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By Tim Binnall

Anomaly hunters examining NASA images of Mars have once again spotted something curious sitting on the surface of the Red Planet. The oddity was reportedly photographed by the space agency's Curiosity Rover and, in the original image obtained by the craft, the weird object stands out quite a bit among the otherwise-normal rocks around it. As one can imagine, that remarkable contrast caught the attention of rogue researchers who contend that Mars is littered with debris from a lost ancient civilization.

What makes this particular anomaly rather intriguing is that, unlike a number of other strange Martian finds which are often akin to interpreting the shape of a cloud, this oddity is rather simple and straightforward. The object resembles a triangular piece of sheet metal with what appears to be a perfect circle cut out of it. What exactly it is, however, is up for debate.

Some anomaly hunters have suggested that the object is a manufactured piece of metal that could have been left behind when an ancient civilization on Mars was wiped out. Others have proposed that it could actually be from Earth by way of a craft that was destroyed or inadvertently lost the sheet metal somehow. And, of course, skeptics say that the oddity it not metal at all and is, in fact, just another rock that looks unique due to the pareidolia phenomenon.


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