Odd UFO Appears on Newscast

A Buffalo weatherman was left bewildered and nearly speechless after spotting an odd UFO zip through the sky during an evening newscast. The perplexing moment occurred on Thursday night when Andy Parker, meteorologist for TV station WKBW, was presenting his forecast for the following day. Suddenly, as the station was showing a skyline view of the city, a curious light streaked upward through the sky and curved a bit as it flew out of the picture frame.

Stopping in his tracks, an astounded Parker asked, "what was that? Did anybody see that thing?" Clearly confounded by what he had just witnessed, the weatherman wondered if perhaps it had been a shooting star or maybe "the fastest moving jet going to airport ever." Showing a sense of humor about the strange incident, he laughingly acknowledged that he'd likely soon be all over the Internet by way of the UFO sighting.

While some may poke fun at Parker for his role in the 'flying saucer flap,' he deserves some credit for catching the object, unlike the team at an Oregon TV station who missed a UFO flying behind them earlier this year. As to what the weird anomaly may have been, aside from an alien craft, the upward trajectory of the object seems to indicate that it was a shooting star.

There are, however, other prosaic possibilities which might solve the mystery such as an errant firework or an insect made to look otherworldly thanks to the perspective of the camera. What's your take on the anomaly captured on camera during the newscast? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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